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Pacific criss-cross – retracing the journeys of Paweł Strzelecki

In 2018, that is 180 years after Paweł Edmund Strzelecki began his journey through Pacific, we plan to retrace the steps of our great compatriot, the first polish explorer to sail around the world. More detailed description of his journeys can be found in Editorial section.
In the attachment you can check journeys' map and table, scheduling subsequent steps of our voyage on board of “Lady Diana” (9 persons yacht type Van de Stadt 44) – designed by a famous Dutch yacht constructor. This very yacht has already circumnavigated the North Pole. The route we want to take is as close to the actual route of Strzelecki as possible. Several planned deviations from the original route will take us to places it would be a pity to miss out.
Strzelecki, on his way from Valparaiso to Hawaii, stopped only on Marquesas, while we wish to split it into four legs, with added stops on Easter Island, Kiritimati There will also be a possibility to visit Robinson Crusoe Island located in the archipelago of  Juan Fernandez Islands
From Nuku Hiva, the largest island of the Marquesas we plan to sail to the Christmas Island – Kirimati, part of the insular country Kiribati, located in the archipelago of Line Islands, to visit a town called Poland.

In Hawaii we will visit the port citie of Hilo.
During the Tahiti – Tahiti leg of our voyage, we will visit Mangareva in the archipelago of Gambier Islands, and Tuamotu Islands
The distance from Tahiti to New Zealand we plan to divide into three parts, with stops on Samoa and Tonga
Our destination in New Zealand is Auckland
This is the final destination in this part of our Pacific voyage.
The length of each leg of the journey is planned in such a way, which will allow us some free time to 'wander around' each place we visit.
From Valparaiso to Hilo your skipper will be me – Henryk Wolski.

Further journey to Samoa is organized and led by Ryszard Wojnowski
On Samoa I take the helm again, and we sail for New Zealand.

Calculated cost is 100 €/day. This includes all the expenses connected with the voyage, except plane tickets. For those who book a period longer than two months, we grant a reduction of 10%
Additional information about the yacht can be found here
You can ask for help with arranging your flights here: Travel Agency “Kiribati Club”

If you are interested in taking part in the voyage, please email us at or use the contact box on our web-page. Participation in the trip must be approved by Captain Henryk

Description of the journeys of Strzelecki can be found in Editorial section.

Soon we will be presenting other cruises on board of 'Lady Diana'.

The crew exchange stops all have airports.
Exact route and the times can be viewed on the map below.
Places written in bold and bigger letters are beginning/end places for each step of our voyage.
All of these places have airports.
Places visited by Strzelecki during his journey are marked with an asterisk*.
Dates written like this: 17/18 mean disembarkation/embarkation – at noon.

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or download the table in --> tabelka.pdf

Pacific criss-cross

Pacific criss-cross 2018


Amazon, through the equator

Amazon, through the equator
08.04. – 20.04. 2022
20.04. – 02.05. 2022