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Delta Dunǎrii - Danube Delta


Just like with my Amazonian cruise, the word 'sailing' from my motto 'concept sailing', should be understood as travelling over water, but not necessarily under sails. In case of Danube Delta, insisting on sailing would only limit us in exploring the basin, which is sure to satisfy every curious and adventure-thirsty traveller. I recommend the gallery of pictures, taken during our cruise.

You will find the origins of the idea described in editorial. Also the Amazonian cruises, which went really well, confirmed me in believing that the direction I have chosen is a good one. Danube Delta is one of the largest river mouths in Europe, right next to Volga and Kuban, and it is 22nd largest in the world.

We will be living in a flotel (floating hotel) – a curiosity of this region. In the past, such barges served as floating houses for reed-harvesters, they were pulled through the Delta's many channels by tugboats. It is still the most popular way to travel over the vast waters of Danube's mouth. Modern flotel has all the conveniences of XXI century civilisation. It is a base that travels with us, so we don't have to pack and unpack daily, a place where we sleep and eat in peace. It allows us to make the most of our time on the water.

The Delta is a true labyrinth of small and big channels, reed beds, lakes and swamps, which we will explore in our excursion boat, after leaving the flotel for the day. This will enable us to see colonies of pelicans, almost all kinds of herons, ibises, spoonbills, cormorants and all kinds of other birds, even white-tailed eagle. Nature here seems unchanged and untouched by the human hand.


In the evenings we can sit down in large common room, sum up the day that past and plan for the next one, exchange remarks and discuss them with our guide, all this made even more pleasant by delicious wine from Murfatlar – a region not far off, with over a thousand years of tradition in wine making.

The Delta and Dobruja is a place of clashing of cultures and a real ethnic mosaic. Here Romanians, Lipovans, Ukrainians, Turks, Greeks and Armenians live together in peace. This is the place that deeply impressed Andrzej Stasiuk, author of best-selling novel 'The way to Babadag' – the winner of polish literary award Nike in 2005.

Ancient Greeks discovered and started colonising this beautiful place in VII century B.C. Let's try and discover the allure of Danube Delta for ourselves!

Brief overview about our program for the trip 1st September – 9th September 2018

  • 1st of September: arriving to Bucharest; accommodation in hotel; meeting & information’ about forthcoming trip.
  • 2nd of September: transfer from Bucharest to Tulcea; visit to the Danube Delta Museum and the paddle steamer, river warship "Republica"; dinner and accommodation on the floating hotel;
  • 3th of September: bus trip in Dobrogea; dinner and accommodation on the floating hotel.
  • 4-8th of September – exploring of Danube Delta
  • 9nd of September: after breakfast, transfer to Bucharest airport. Return flights should be booked first from 15 o'clock.


Prise (the possibility of minor changes reserved):

Adult person – 1170 € for one place in double cabin.
Child up to 7 years - 630 €
Single cabin - additional 270€

The price includes:

  • Overnight in hotel 1/2 September
  • In Tulcea visit to the Danube Delta Museum and the paddle steamer, river warship "Republica"
  • Full day bus trip to Dobrogea (Babadag, Istria, Fort Enisala)
  • Cruise the Danube Delta with full board and accommodation on the ship. Among others, we want to see Mila 23 and St. George
  • Visit of the Sanctuaries Leta
  • Transfer from your hotel in Bucharest to Tulcea and back to the airport in Bucharest
  • Care and supervision of the expedition leader Henryk Wolski and of a local, German & English speaking guide

The price does not cover the transfer fee. Please be mindful of it.



Our boat:

  • Flotel with places for up to 18 people.
    Double cabins, each with two beds, window, bathroom and air conditioning.

What to take:

  • sunscreen,
  • mosquito repellent,
  • sports shoes (preferably fast-drying)
  • light, comfortable clothing,
  • raincoat,
  • hat,
  • bathing suit,
  • head flashlight
  • camera, binoculars.

Additional information:

  • the surface area of the Delta is 4178 km², 82% belong to Romania, the rest to Ukraine,
  • 5400 different kinds of flora and fauna, including:
    • 300 species of birds, many of them protected,
    • 160 species of fish,
    • unique Letea Forest,
  • the Delta is third most diverse biologically place in the world, giving head only to the Great Coral Reef and the Galapagos Islands,
  • Danube branches in the Delta into three main distributaries:
    • northern branch – Chilia – 120 km, part of it constitutes the border with Ukraine,
    • middle branch – Sulina – 70 km,
    • southern branch - Sfântul Gheorghe (Saint George) – 113 km,
  • waters of Danube bring 70 mln tons of residue to the Black Sea,
  • Danube Delta is one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1991.

Great seasonal bird migrations are: in the spring, from April till June; in the autumn, from August till September.

Getting to Bucharest is fairly easy, it is just a 2 hours flight from most of big cities on our continent. I highly recommend for you to stay for a day or two in this beautiful city. Hotels and taxi services aren't expensive, and it is easy to find accommodation through

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